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deviation in storage by exoblivimon



Digimon Fanclub
Current Residence: Digital World
Skin of choice: Well Duskmon's is nice.
Favourite cartoon character: I have to choose??
This club is closed. Apologies, but we no longer have the time to keep it up.

:bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred:

Hello and welcome to the new Digimon fanclub! (I really wasn't sure if there was another group for Digimon or not, but if so, well here's another!) A place for all you digiobsessed to come and lounge, an possibly make some new friends!

And PLEASE actually read the rules for joining and submitting.

:bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred:


:bulletblue: Okay, as people are offering to make the DevID I hadn't yet got around to making, we're adopting the system of rotating them out each month. Since it's only a half month now, I went ahead and made one, just to finish out June. ~aristide is going to be making the one for August, and I hope ~gigadramon will be making one for July, but if not, then I'll just leave the current one up. Note us if you'd like to make a DevID. They'll be rotated on the first of every month.

:bulletblue: Rules have been updated. - 6/22/03

:bulletblue: Changed the submission rules. Please note rather than commenting. But most of you probably won't read THIS either. - 6/28/03

:bulletblue: A contest will be starting soon! Not sure how soon, but sometime this month, at least. One reason we're holding off is ww have no idea what to do for prizes. A spotlight and their own devipack for the winner, but I'm sure they'd want something else. I'm not rich and cannot afford to buy people prizes. If anyone has any ideas on what can be done, please note! - 7/1/03

:bulletblue: :!: The contest is now launched! Read below for details! :!: - 7/8/03

:bulletblue: Addition to the submission rules! - 7/9/03

:bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred:


:bulletblue: Everyone is welcome here. Nothing is required to join, except a love for Digimon!
:bulletblue: Be nice to other members. Well, I suppose you don't have to be NICE, but do keep a civil tongue, eh? :laughing:
:bulletblue: No, you don't have to use a certain set of names. Dub, Japanese, whatever you learned, go with it. Anything is welcome here. It may be safer to include both for those that don't know all of them, but if you don't know it, that's all right. :)
:bulletblue: If you're actually reading this.. quote "When in doubt - deny, deny, deny!" in a note to the club. So I know you read the rules! (I used to make things, but lack of times has put a stop to it.)

That's.. pretty much it. We're rather easy going here, so as long as you're not mouthing off left and right, I think we'll get along fine. ;)

:bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred:


:bulletblue: Just send a note to this account. It's normally checked once a day, so just be patient.
:bulletblue: Please please please PLEASE don't leave a comment asking to join. We may not see it, and it's a lot easier and faster if you just note us.

And it's that simple!

We'd also appreciate it if you'd put our icon somewhere in your signature so others can have a look here too! You simply put : icondigimon : without the spaces on either side. It should look like this:


:bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred:


:bulletblue: DevIDs are a simple thing. They don't have to say anything specific save "Digimon", obviously.. Use any series or characters from the shows/mangas/games you wish. As I made my co-owner post this in Heartless Legion, I feel I should post it here as well. Please don't let the width of the ID exceed 400 pixels. It winds up causing problems for smaller monitors (ie, mine. lol) and it can all avoided! If you need to have it resized after you're finished and can't do it yourself, just send a note and I'll take care of it.

:bulletblue: Past IDs made by:

:bulletblue: Current ID made by: :iconaristide:

:bulletblue: Next change: September 1st.
September: ~pheonix569
October: ~kokanekillkids
November: None. (Note if you'd like to make the ID for November.)

:bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred:


:bulletblue: Current contest: Launched July 8th, 2003, and will end September 1st, 2003. All submissions MUST be in before midnight on the 31st of July. The only rules are nothing graphic, and it must be a humor picture involving two or more of the goggle boys.

:bulletblue: Prizes: A spotlight and their own devpack, plus any four or so Digimon mp3s they choose. (Give me a break, it's all I have to offer!)

:bulletblue: Contest has been extended because there were no entries and I'll wring you for them.

:bulletblue: :Submissions: None yet!

:bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred:


It'd be really nice to see some Digimon artwork, wallpapers, anything you might have, so submit! Just send a note with a link. Please NOTE us with a link to your submission. No comments, as it's not guaranteed we'll see it. We can no longer favorite things because DeviantArt administrators are a bunch of hypocrites, so devpacks will be made in the near future.

:bulletblue: Yaoi and yuri are accepted, but let's keep them at an appropriate level for rating, shall we? :)

:bulletblue: When submitting, please only submit a few at a time. Overkill is bad!

:bulletblue: We do NOT look through galleries for devpack submissions. Please DEVNOTE us with a link and tell us if you'd like the image added to a devpack.

:bulletblue: I suppose since I hadn't addressed this before, I will now. Fancharacters and fandigimon ARE accepted, but in moderation. Try to draw some canon things too, won't you? I'm not trying to put a damper on what anyone's drawing or anything, but it is nice to see some of the characters from the actual shows/mangas/games, isn't it? Of course it is.

:bulletblue: Devipacks:  Since we can't really favorite things anymore, we've decided to make devipacks to put all the art in.  Please specify which pack your art goes into, as it makes it easier to organize everything.

:bulletred: 01 Chosen/Digidestined, 01 Digimon, 02 Chosen/Digidestined, 02 Digimon, Tamers, Tamers Digimon, Frontier Kids, Frontier Digimon, season crossovers, fan characters, and an additional pack for contest entries.

:bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred:


Now, about the levels. (You may find this system familiar, as I'm SO BLATANTLY COPYING :iconexoblivimon:'s system from :iconheartlesslegion: but it's just WAY simpler this way.

:bulletblue: To become a Rookie: There's nothing to this. Just sending a note and asking to join makes you an automatic rookie. It's just the members section.
:bulletblue: To become a Champion: Just submit artwork. And it doesn't even have to be artwork! You can read below in the SUBMISSIONS part. Skins, wallpapers, icons, art.. anything. Just note me with a link, and make sure to mention it if you want it added to one of our devpacks.
:bulletblue: To become an Ultimate: Contribute something to the club. As in DevID, or something along those lines. Contest winners also get booted up into this section once I get around to deciding what sort of contests to hold, and what rewards will be given.
:bulletblue: Since some of you are submitting quite a bit of artwork, it'll take 5 to boot you up to this section.
:bulletblue: To become a Mega: This is for the founders, and mods, should I decide we ever need any. I doubt we will, but just in case.

Any questions? Then note this account!

:bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred:

:bulletblue: :iconrorymon: [ (Rory, your "justilicious" founder.) ]

:bulletblue: :iconexoblivimon: [ (      ) ]

:bulletblue: :iconpluie: [ (Lady Pluto, our moderator. Submissions:……… ) ]

:bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred:

:bulletblue: :icongigadramon: ( Contributions: [July DevID],…………… )

:bulletblue: :iconaristide: ( Contributions: [August DevID],… )

:bulletblue: :iconnegoki: (……………… )

:bulletblue: :iconfamira: (…………… )

:bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred:

:bulletblue: :iconrukift: (… ) :bulletblue: :iconkinokuruttajac: (…… )

:bulletblue: :iconinvaderjulie: (… ) :bulletblue: :iconcherrybombs: (…… )

:bulletblue: :iconantojlareneg: (… ) :bulletblue: :iconarmi: (… )

:bulletblue: :iconyarho: (… ) :bulletblue: :iconkatminamoto: (……… )

:bulletblue: :iconvertigomesmerizer: (… ) :bulletblue: :iconsapphireluna: (……… )

:bulletblue: :iconqueen-dedede: (… ) :bulletblue: :iconlilavulpes: (……… )

:bulletblue: :iconvaoi: (… ) :bulletblue: :iconlinaru: (…… )

:bulletblue: :iconjackettt: (… ) :bulletblue: :icontsunamidusher: (…… )

:bulletblue: :iconimone: (… ) :bulletblue: :iconyolin: (……… )

:bulletblue: :iconpowpowpow: (… ) :bulletblue: :iconc0nker: (………… )

:bulletblue: :iconspeep: (… ) :bulletblue: :icondemonoflight: (…… )

:bulletblue: :iconstarbunnies: (… ) :bulletblue: :icondibfanatic: (…… )

:bulletblue: :iconhoneyb: (… ) :bulletblue: :iconkaizerin: (…… )

:bulletblue: :iconukepile: (… ) :bulletblue: :iconpheonix569: (………… )

:bulletblue: :iconkokanekillkids: (… ) :bulletblue: :iconmikura: (…… )

:bulletblue: :icongarumumon: (……… )

:bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred:

:bulletblue: :iconkatminamoto: :icongogglegirl: :iconaemilius: :icondigistardbz: :iconblanca2d3dmaster: :iconzombielily:
:bulletblue: :iconginrou-chan: :iconshamelessidiocy: :iconkira-ani-mcgrath: :iconginnythegreat: :iconmelkoshi: :icontashi-yoshima:
:bulletblue: :iconkagutsuchi: :iconkeylala: :iconadamu-chan: :iconsonicphantasy: :iconsarahsoda182: :iconmalik-luver:
:bulletblue: :iconkarot: :iconfennecfox: :iconmiyanko: :iconchibi-angel: :iconmidorikou: :iconmancboi:
:bulletblue: :iconui-azuma: :iconnikkidom: :iconaraia-finley: :iconeruanna: :iconpoa-chan: :iconlisatails:
:bulletblue: :iconwavethehedgehog: :iconmahoutenshi: :iconivory-chan: :iconhalcyondf: :icongo-chan: :iconsoltian:
:bulletblue: :iconmutaki: :iconnekokitsuneryo: :iconsouleater: :iconmoegi: :iconshinigamiriku: :iconketsukei:
:bulletblue: :iconsorcererhuntress: :iconfreysiota: :iconh-boogie: :iconcrossedstar: :iconomni-dragon: :iconwolf-vicious:
:bulletblue: :iconbassooniac: :iconcrazy-ray: :icongukimon: :iconzoic: :iconpinali: :iconshinneth:
:bulletblue: :iconkipinae: :icondemon-lexx: :iconoo0shed0oo: :iconnakira: :iconmidnightmare: :iconfireangel89:
:bulletblue: :iconichigo: :iconcell-chan: :iconcursedspatula:

:bulletblue: ~sharyamato
:bulletblue: ~ebonysumomo17
:bulletblue: ~master-kiyone
:bulletblue: ~jinxhellbent
:bulletblue: ~lunaris

:bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred:

:bulletblue: :iconheartlesslegion: :iconhumanoidtyphoon: :iconsakura-club: :iconemilysclub: :iconthechaotix: :iconnightmarerealm:
:bulletblue: :icongalleriada:

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